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Montfort School, Trichy

Dear Parents!

Greetings from Montfort School, Kattur. Hope this message finds you in good health which is my prayer at the outset for you and all your dear and near ones.

I sincerely express my deepest sentiments of gratitude for your overwhelming response to the survey conducted on the requirement of online classes and your timely valuable suggestions. 2359 of you have responded to the survey out of which 88% of you have expressed your openness to the online classes stating it to be important at this unprecedented moment. 82% of you have mentioned that your wards are so excited to start their schooling online. Glad to share the same opinion with you dear parents. Being thoroughly aware of the ambiguity of the prospects of education and uncertainty of life taking the right direction at this moment is decisive yet circumspect. As per the words of the experts, the situation might be prolonged for a while, and so adapting prudently to the change is essential uncompromisingly. Thus having taken the aggregate of the survey and constructive opinions into consideration, with due discernment and consultation, we have decided to start the online sessions for all classes with zero tolerance in quality education and high thoughtfulness about our students’ holistic growth and health. As informed earlier teachers are duly and effectively trained to venture into this new platform of education which demanded this much quality time and are sure to continue to be in the on-going formation, equipping themselves with innovative ways of reaching our students.

After all such strenuous efforts, we are happy to commence with our online sessions for the following classes as per the schedule given below:

08/07/2020 - Classes begin for III, IV, V

15/07/2020 - Classes begin for I & II

You will receive an activation message from the Next Education online teaching platform at the earliest. You may go through the process and do the needful, regarding the activation of the parent's and the ward's account which is essential for attending the online classes. Activation procedure is also available in our school website with the title "online class".

Requirements for joining online classes:

  1. A Laptop or Desktop / Android mobile or IPhone/ipad
  2. Broadband Internet connection / 4G data with a minimum of 2 GB for attending the online classes for 3 hours per child
  3. Headphone

You may arrange for the above mentioned requirements and train your children in the usage of technology positively.

Your continued cooperation and support are valued and welcome.

Rev. Bro. Soosairaj,


Principals Desk

PrincipalThe greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to one's opportunities and make the most of one's resources. When we plant a seed in the earth, we notice it is small, but we do not criticize it as 'rootless and stemless'. We treat it as a seed giving it the water and nourishment required for it to sprout. With its first shoots sprouting up out of the earth, we stand in awe of the process involved, and give the plant the care it needs at each stage of its development.



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