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Safety Measure Guidelines

Dear parents and students of classes IX, X, XI & XII,

This is to bring to your notice that as per the directives from the Tamil Nadu Government, the school for class X and class XII students are tentatively to be reopening on the 19th of January, 2021. The confirmation message about the date of reopening the school will reach you on the 18th of January, 2021. Students are expected to be ready with the following safety measures as they start coming to school:

  1. Face Mask should strictly be worn.
  2. Self-Sanitizer should be brought.
  3. Hand Wash could be brought to avoid crowding.
  4. Clean Uniform is recommended which is the need of the hour.
  5. Self-Water Bottles filled with clean water should be brought to school from home.
  6. Lunch prepared from home is very strictly recommended.
  7. Snacks for the self could be brought too as sharing of food is strictly not allowed.
  8. Waste is strictly to be thrown inside the dust bin only.
  9. Students will strictly not be allowed to move outside the classes during the class hours and also during the break time other than the situation of emergency.
  10. Students will strictly not be allowed to move out of the school during the school hours except for health reasons with the consent and presence of parents.
  11. Travel safety of the students is to be ensured by the parents. School bus facility will not be available.
  12. Parents who are willing to send their children to school will fill the format for willingness letter as directed by the Government of Tamil nadu which will be posted in our school's website and will send the filled in consent letter with the students when they come to school on the day of reopening without fail.
  13. Those parents who are not willing to send their children to school are expected to send a letter to the school mail-id (montfortsg@gmail.com) expressing their unwillingness on or before the 18th of January, 2021. (No format is required for unwillingness letter)

We, the school management will take the best care in view of the safety of our students. We expect your utmost cooperation in view of handling this situation together towards the benefit and safety of our students community.

Stay safe. God Bless.



Principals Desk

PrincipalI am glad to present myself to you. I am Bro. Robert, appointed as the new Principal and Correspondent of Montfort School, Kattur. It gives me immense joy to communicate with you all, through our school website since the present pandemic has made things hard for us to meet one another physically at school. Changes in life are inevitable and they are unchangeable! Everything considered as normal has changed into new normal. I have come to know and heard from many sources about the many positive changes taking place in this great temple of learning.


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