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Montfort School, Trichy


Glory to thee Montfort
Glory to our Alma Mater
We honour and respect our teachers
Guiding stars
Glory to thee Montfort
Glory to our Alma Mater.

  1. Let peace and joy fill our hearts
    Be abiding us every morn
    When we sing with Louis Montfort
    Mighty God, You alone
    "In God we trust" is our noblest, faithful motto
    Let Love & Justice & Harmony be our passion
    Making developed nation is our cherished vision.
  2. Discipline and order lead us to progress and peace
    We'll transform our Motherland
    Heaven of joy and His bliss
    Moulding children and youth in building the nation.
    Montfort School is the temple of education
    Making developed India is our cherished vision.

Lyrics : Rev.Bro. John Baptist SG.
Music : Mr. Agilan Rayan.

Principals Desk

PrincipalI am glad to present myself to you. I am Bro. Robert, appointed as the new Principal and Correspondent of Montfort School, Kattur. It gives me immense joy to communicate with you all, through our school website since the present pandemic has made things hard for us to meet one another physically at school. Changes in life are inevitable and they are unchangeable! Everything considered as normal has changed into new normal. I have come to know and heard from many sources about the many positive changes taking place in this great temple of learning.


News & Events
  • Introducing Creative Education.   More
  • The School Offers Integrated IIT foundation course to students of class VII to XI, within the School premises in association with SEEKERS.
  • The Digital Teaching System is introduced in all the classes from LKG to Std.XII to make learning interesting and effective through Next-Education SMART Class.