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:: Instruction manual for Student Activation

Activation Procedure for the online classes

Two mandatory activations (Parent activation, Student Activation)

  Step 1:
      Open the SMS sent by Next Education , Either you can click on the app link or you can click on the browser link.

  Step 2:
      Enter user name - "your mobile no."
      Enter Password/OTP - "Enter the OTP received in SMS”
      School code - mcsss

  Step 3:
      Set password for Parents login. (Please create your own password for parents dashboard activation)

  Step 4:
      Student Authentication . Click to Create Account ( Please create your own password for student activation.)
      Username – “ admission number” (displayed by default)
      Password – “Enter new password”

      Now student account will be created successfully.

Steps to reset the Student Account Password

  Step 1:
      Open the next education website using browser. (https://mcsss.nexterp.in)

  Step 2:
      Enter username – “Mobile number”
      Enter password – “Password”

  Step 3:
      Click Photo icon (right side top) -->Manage Accounts --> Student Account -->Change Password.

Steps to join the online Class

  Step 1:
      Either open the Next Education app or open the next education website using browser. (https://mcsss.nexterp.in)

  Step 2:
      Enter username – “ admission number”
      Enter password – “Generated password by student activation”
      School code – mcsss

  Step 3:
      Click JOIN NOW button to join the online live sessions.

Note : In case the student activation procedure is skipped , Then at any time student activation can be made by parent from manage account options.

For Helpline please call us.

  Class 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 11th : 7200667066 / 9361254780 / 9941133465 / 9659948250 / 9884732412 / 9566018799

  Class 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th : 9944078278 / 8778739402 / 9600523399 / 9487742640 / 9790326159

  Class U.K.G : 6379362088 / 9080498016 / 8508020205

Tips for joining the online class

Please do the following steps in browser before joining the online class.

  1. Clear Google chrome browser cache.
    Click 3 dots-->history-->clear browsing data-->time range-->all time and click clear browsing data
  2. Update Google chrome browser to latest version
  3. Check internet speed is min. 356Kbps.Check your internet speed test from speedtest.net

For mobile app users – Update the mobile app from Google Playstore or Apple appstore.

Principals Desk

PrincipalI am glad to present myself to you. I am Bro. Robert, appointed as the new Principal and Correspondent of Montfort School, Kattur. It gives me immense joy to communicate with you all, through our school website since the present pandemic has made things hard for us to meet one another physically at school. Changes in life are inevitable and they are unchangeable! Everything considered as normal has changed into new normal. I have come to know and heard from many sources about the many positive changes taking place in this great temple of learning.


News & Events
  • Introducing Creative Education.   More
  • The School Offers Integrated IIT foundation course to students of class VII to XI, within the School premises in association with SEEKERS.
  • The Digital Teaching System is introduced in all the classes from LKG to Std.XII to make learning interesting and effective through Next-Education SMART Class.